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Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

Public Debt and Fiscal Rules

In his working paper "Public Debt in the "New Normal": A Schumpeterian perspective on fiscal policy", Prof. Bofinger showed that important insights for fiscal policy can be derived from Joseph Schumpeter's scientific work.

Discussion with Prof. Bofinger in the Wirtschaftsdienst about the debt brake (2019), only available in German: "Schuldenbremse: von der statischen 'schwarzen Null' zur dynamischen 'schwarzen Null'"

Guest article at Social Europe about the "black zero" of March 4, 2019: "Time for a red shift from Germany's 'black zero'"

Minority vote on financial policy in the 2017/18 annual report of the German Council of Economic Experts: "Solide Finanzpolitik gerade in guten Zeiten – Eine andere Meinung"