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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Economic Policy Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    In a Social-Europe column, Prof. Bofinger argues that major reforms to the Stability and Growth Pact are necessary:Please, click here to read the column.

    Social-Europe column on the extraordinary fiscal stimulus, which is in line with the MMT principle (09/28/2020): Please, click here to read the article.

    "The COVID-19 crisis: Inflationary or deflationary?": An article by Prof. Bofinger: Please, click here to read the column on Social Europe.

    In an article for Social Europe, Prof. Bofinger appeals for a joint financing facility on EU-level (05/04/2020): "The frugal four should save the European Project"  Please, click here to read the article.

    "Now is the hour of MMT", Prof. Bofinger argues that the Modern Monetary Theory gives reason for a "whatever it takes" fiscal response: Please, click here if you want to read the column.

    Seven leading economists, including Prof. Bofinger call for a € 1 trillion EU crisis fonds (03/30/2020), published on newstatesman.com: "To avoid economic disaster, Europe must demonstrate financial solidarity" – 30th March 2020.

    "Economic implications of the COVID-19 crisis for Germany and economic policy measures" is the title of a paper by a German economist group, including Prof. Bofinger. You can read it in the E-Book from CEPR and Vox in chapter 18.

    If you click here, you can download the eBook.