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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Industrial Policy

    Guest article by Prof. Bofinger in Social Europe from 05/27/2019 : "Industrial policy: is there a paradigm shift in Germany and what does this imply for Europe?"

    Final speech by Prof. Bofinger on 05/15/2019 at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on the Day of Progressive Economic Policy (in German): mit Video

    Article in the German newspaper "DIE ZEIT" of 04/03/2019 on the debate on industrial policy: "Das Duell mit China"

    Minority vote by Prof. Bofinger in the 2018/2019 Annual Report of the German Council of Economic Experts on Economic Policy and Industrial Policy: "Vor wichtigen wirtschaftspolitischen Weichenstellungen – Eine andere Meinung"

    Article in the German newspaper "FAZ" of 08/122017 on a more active state industrial policy: "Mehr Zentralismus wagen!"