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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Economics in Practice


    For the time being, the seminar is only offered in the winter semester and is open to Bachelor and Master students (differentiated examination modalities).

    Dates: from 02/11/2020 (6 individual dates (lectures) + 2 individual dates (information on the procedure, organization and exam preparation)).

    In the winter semester 2021/22, the lectures will be held purely digitally via Zoom (live). As the guest speakers have numerous commitments, the dates may change at short notice. We will communicate this to you in good time.

    Please note that the registration for participation will be done directly at the chair. To do so, please register by mail to team.bofinger@uni-wuerzburg.de by January 10, 2022 at the latest, stating your name, matriculation number, degree program, and information on which examination regulations you are in (year). The registration for the examination will take place via WueStudy by at least January 31, 2022 and is independet of the participation registration.

    For further information see WueCampus.



    5 ECTS

    The lecture series can be used as a placeholder module "Selected Problems of Economics" (5 ECTS points) in the elective courses of the bachelor programs of the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Participants will receive 5 ECTS points for this. In case of doubt, please inform yourself independently whether you can receive credit for this dummy module according to the respective examination regulations. Participation in the individual lectures is of course possible for interested persons even if no ECTS points are acquired.


    Course content: The content of the seminar is the active participation in and follow-up of the lectures of economists from different national and international fields of activity, which are organized for the event.

    Motivation: The invitation of speakers from practice strengthens the practical orientation of the scientifically founded and at the same time internationally oriented education at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Würzburg.

    In this way, students will gain lasting insights into the fields of activity of economists, gain an insight into practical activities, discuss these with high-ranking economists and combine them with theoretical economic knowledge gained during their studies.

    Objectives: In order to intensify the preparation of students for a later professional career, this course will increasingly address issues from professional practice. The students will gain insight into the topics economists are currently dealing with as well as the different fields economists are working in. We welcome economists from a wide range of institutions, from public institutions to private companies. The speakers will be guided by the following questions:

    • Which topics are you currently working on?
    • How do you get started in your job?
    • What key qualifications do you expect from young economists who have recently graduated from university?

    Course material

    All course material are available at WueCampus.

    Examination performance

    Oral exam (debate form): At the end of the lecture series, students will be given a smaller selection of debate topics related to the lectures. You can prepare these topics with your debate group from the pro and con perspective (approx. 4 students per group). On the day of the exam, students will then be given 2 (Master's) or 3 (Bachelor's) of these topics to choose from. As soon as the group has agreed on a topic, a 30-minute preparation time begins, during which the group participants can distribute the pro and con positions and prepare the examination topic together without bringing any aids. Then the examination time begins in front of the examiners of the chair.

    The debate begins with an opening statement and ends with a closing statement by each participant. In between, participants should debate freely and explain their own points of view. The duration of the examination is 20-30 minutes. The evaluation is done individually for each participant and of course differentiated between bachelor and master students. Information on debating as well as the evaluation criteria will be announced in the WueCampus course room.

    The exact exam date will be announced via WueCampus (probably before the end of the lecture period).


    Thomas Haas: thomas.haas1@uni-wuerzburg.de