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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics


    Bachelor-Seminar Monetary Policy


    Summer and Winter Term


    Please send a Mail containing your current average marks and the three preferred topics you would like to work. For  priority one, you will need to work out a short application on how you plan to structure your seminar (1/2 page).

    Application deadline for summer terms is November 26th.
    Application deadline for winter terms is June 30th.
    Available spots are provided in regard to the number of applicants in the master-seminar.

    Marking and ECTS-Credits

    About 15 pages (+/- 10%) + Presentation: 5 ECTS
    (Seminar: „Monetary Policy“)

    You will need to submit one printed version and one copy in digital form.


    We start off with a short opening event, arround the end of the previous semester (ST: Jan/Feb; WT: July). During this event you will recieve your seminar topic and remarks on how to approach it. This way you can already start during your semester holidays. The deadline will be arround two weeks before the presentations, which usually dates in December or June. Here all participants need to be present.


    Topics are available on the German site. If you want to participate in English, please contact us via E-Mail previous to your application.

    Remarks on the Formal Reqirements for Seminars and Thesises

    Remarks are also only given in German. Basically we use citation in APA-Style. Please contact us via E-Mail if you want to do your seminar in English.



    Camilla Simon ( camilla.simon@uni-wuerzburg.de )