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    Chair for Monetary Policy and International Economics

    Monetary Policy in an Open Economy


    Important note: The course "Monetary Policy in the Open Economy" was held for the last time by Prof. Bofinger in the summer term 2020.

    • The completion of services from the compulsory area (!) is still possible on a transitional basis. Please contact the contact person of the course for further information.

    • As of the summer semester 2021, the successor course will be taught by the new holder of the Chair of Economics, Money and International Financial Markets, Prof. Maik Wolters. Financial Markets, Prof. Maik Wolters; this may result in significant differences in content! You will find the successor course on the homepage of Prof. Wolters.

    Further course material (especially additional, supplementary literature)

    All course materials are available at WueCampus.


    Prof. Dr. Peter Bofinger (peter.bofinger@uni-wuerzburg.de)
    Fabian Mayer (fabian.mayer2@uni-wuerzburg.de)