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Berlin Excursion of the Dean's List


This year's field trip with Dean's List students took place April 26-28, with visits to EY, the Chancellery, the Bundestag, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the Topography of Terror.

The Dean's List students went on an excursion to Berlin in April 2023, which offered a varied program. On the first afternoon, they took part in a workshop at EY, followed by a joint dinner. On Thursday, they first went to a discussion session at the Federal Chancellery. Later, they attended a plenary sitting of the Bundestag before being hosted in the evening by Andrew Ullman, the health policy spokesman for the FDP. On Friday, they heard an interesting lecture at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and were then given a guided tour of the premises. Finally, they visited the Topography of Terror to also deal with this dark chapter of Berlin's past.