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    The Best of Mankiw

    In a series of tweets, Prof. Bofinger points out the weaknesses of the economist N.G. Mankiw's standard works, "The Principles of Economics" and "Macroeconomics".

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    In an article for the "Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)", Prof. Bofinger explains his tweet series "The Best of Mankiw" and goes into the numerous errors and confusions of the standard works of economic education: Please, click here to read the article.

    In a discussion organized by "Forum New Economy" and moderated by Thomas Fricke, Prof. Bofinger discussed his criticism directly with Prof. Mankiw. Anna Reisch (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik) and Prof. Bachmann (University of Notre Dame) also took part in the discussion: Please click here to see the discussion as video.

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    Fundamentals of Economics: An Introduction to the Science of Markets

    Book by Prof. Bofinger (only available in German ); The economic thinking conveyed in the book is not only important for students of business administration and economics. It helps people who are interested in economic policy to understand the discussions on economic issues and to form their own judgement. Link

    Core Project 

    To help teachers for delivering asynchronous teaching, the "Core Econ" Project offers a variety of resources and some guidance. Click here to go to the core project

    Lecture by Prof. Bofinger at Plural Economics

    The conference will discuss the status quo in economics and new perspectives in research and teaching.Video

    Teaching macroeconomics after the crisis

    Working paper from Prof. Bofinger. Würzburg economic papers, No. 86 (2011)  PDF

    More detailed information on Prof. Bofinger's criticism of modelling the financial system with a corn economy

    BMW Papers in Journal Economic Education