Lehrstuhl für BWL und Wirtschaftsinformatik - Prof. Dr. A. Winkelmann

    Business Process Management

    Business Process Management (BPM), german Geschäftsprozessmanagment, is a discipline of business information systems in which people use various methods to identify, record, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimise and automate business processes. The BPM approach views processes as important assets / resources of an organisation that need to be understood, managed and developed in order to announce and deliver value-added products and services to customers. This approach is very similar to other methods of Total Quality Management or continuous improvement of processes and is directly related to Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). The key to building and structuring a comprehensive organisational knowledge base in BPM is process modelling. Formal, graphical models serve to visualise and document organisational knowledge, promote communication and enable the analysis and simulation of business processes and business services.


    In cooperation with Signavio (part of SAP SE ), our chair offers students the opportunity to learn the concepts and methods of process management in an application-oriented way. Signavio is used for the efficient recording and evaluation of business processes using standardised, ready-made process modules in a uniform notation (BPMN). The software was developed especially for the organisation-wide approach and enterprise applications. The user is guided through the modelling process by clearly defined steps. In Signavio, the user can extend a model with additional elements (activities, organisational units, etc.), link different model delegation elements (e.g. organisational unit is responsible for an activity) and nest models (process map >> process >> sub-process). In addition, Signavio supports the modelling language DMN, which originates from Decission Science and extends BPMN by the dimension of information and decision flow.

    Signavio is used in various courses at the chair. However, interested students have the possibility to get access to Signavio independently of specific courses, e.g. for seminar papers or theses.