Lehrstuhl für BWL und Wirtschaftsinformatik - Prof. Dr. A. Winkelmann

    Process Mining and Analytics

    Process mining is a concept that combines the fields of data mining or data science and business process management to support the analysis of operational processes based on event logs. Process mining extracts knowledge from event logs, which are readily available in today's information systems and business application systems, to visualise business processes - and all their variations - as they happen.The goal is to reveal what people, machines and organisations are really doing to improve processes and minimise weaknesses and bottlenecks. Process mining provides new insights that can be used to identify the execution path of operational processes and to address performance and compliance issues.

    Real-world data and insights from process mining can facilitate various aspects of business process management, such as:

    • Process discovery
    • Conformance checking (conformance checking)
    • Organisational mining to analyse the roles and people involved in a process (social network mining).
    • Automation and robotic process automation
    • Simulation, i.e. predicting and checking the outcome of a process depending on the variation of variables
    • Prediction of processes and history-based recommendations

    For the topic of process mining we partner with Celonis. In cooperation, we offer students the opportunity to learn the concepts and methods of process mining in an application-oriented manner. Celonis is the world market leader in the field of Process Mining and Execution Management. The Celonis Execution Management System offers companies a modern way to intelligently control their business processes based solely on data.

    It is important to note that a decade ago, technology moved from academia and research to become one of the most important technologies in business, recognised by companies, analysts and the media as a way to gain deep insights into business processes: a real, living, breathing picture of how processes work.

    The Chair's current research is particularly dedicated to the combination of process mining and AI, augmented BPM and hyperautomation.


    Celonis is used at the chair in various courses. However, interested students have the possibility to access the Celonis platform independently of specific courses, e.g. for seminar papers or theses.