Lehrstuhl für BWL und Wirtschaftsinformatik - Prof. Dr. A. Winkelmann

Business Software 2: Data-driven Business Process Management and Automation

Business Process Management & Analytics

IT project management abstract concept vector illustration set. Business analysis and big data analytics system, software requirements, SWOT Analysis, IT development, use case abstract metaphor.

This course is part of the Enterprise Systems track for the Information Systems program (Master).

Course contents:
The course introduces key techniques for manual and automated modeling and analysis of business processes in enterprises. It starts with an overview of approaches and technologies to support real-time decision-making and business process (re-)design. The theoretical foundation acquired in the lectures is used to implement business process analysis based on standard software (e.g., Celonis, UiPath).

The course covers three main parts:

  • Business Process Management
  • Process Mining
  • Process Automation

Accompanying the lecture, students have the opportunity to explore seminal papers in Business Process Management research and get hands-on experience by solving a case study on real-life event logs. 

After this course, students
..understand how Business Process Management and digitalization interplay
..are able to identify the data needed to start process mining and automation projects,
..are able to run process mining and automation projects, and 
..have a good understanding of the Business Process Management and Analytics discipline.

Business Software 1 and Business Software 2 do not build on each other, and students can attend the courses in any order. Please note that Business Software 1 is offered in the winter term, and Business Software 2 is only offered in the summer term.