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Exams and re-sits
Each course ends in a written 60-minutes-exam after the end of the lecture period. A student who fails an exam has one opportunity to do a re-sit in the following semester. It is not allowed to take a re-sit for a course that is already awarded with a passing grade. The exam results will be processed and published up to 6 weeks after the exam.

Course evaluation
The JMU monitors yearly the quality of education in all aspects (academic quality of the curriculum, the teaching quality, the quality and quantity of staff, students’ workload). 

Right of inspection 
Students have the right to review a written exam. Please write an email in case you wish to review your exma paper to


Exams take place at the end of each semester. Exam registration must be completed separately, i.e. you have to pre-register to exams ahead of time. Please complete the exam enrolment on WueStudy platform. For each exam passed at the faculty (with few exceptions), exchange students will earn 5 credit points. Shoud there be any problems with exam registration, please inform our exchange coordinator about them by e-mail

Deadline for exam registration: mid-December for exams of the winter semester; or mid-June for exams of the summer semester.

Detailed examination timetables can be found here.


Some exchange students have to leave Würzburg prior to the exam period to resume their studies at their home universities. We offer these students - depending on the chair - either:
- to take written exams at our faculty before the student's departure or
- to take written exams under supervision of an academic of the exchange student's home university.

The simulaneous exams must take place at exactly the same time as in Würzburg and students have to find suitable supervisors themselves. Students interested in this option are asked to email by mid-January (for winter semester) and by mid-June (for summer semester) using their JMU email account. The email should include the following information:

- First and last name
- Exam to be taken
- Student ID at JMU Würzburg
- Student ID at home university
- Copy of JMU student/library card
- Email address at home university
- Name, title, official position and email address of supervisor at home university

Please talk first with the respective professor about the possibilities the chair offers students who must leave Würzburg before the end of the exam period.
For further inquiries, please contact our exchange coordinator


At the end of the semester, after the grades have been recorded, you can generate on WueStudy platform an official document, called Transcript of Records, listing all credit points and grades that you earned during your stay with us. Should you need a general transcript of records listing all courses and grades earned in all faculties/centers of our university (e.g. the Center for Languages), please send an email with all individual transcripts  / certificates to our colleagues in the central International Office: