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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Strategic Management, Organisation, Marketing & Accounting

This is a selection of bachelor and master courses which are taught in English either in the winter semester or the summer semester. Typically courses in the master program require some background in Strategic Management, Organisation & Marketing. However, there is no formal restriction for bachelor students. Therefore, students have to find out individually whether they can manage the course.

Cross-Cultural Management 2 (Bachelor, 5 ECTS),  10523630

Digital Marketing I (Master, 5 ECTS)

326419  I  Download Syllabus

Corporate Entrepreneurship (Master, 5 ECTS)

10585800 | Download Syllabus

Corporate Strategy (Master, 5 ECTS)

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Group Accounting (Master, 5 ECTS)

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Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation (Master, 5 ECTS)

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International Accounting (Bachelor, 5 ECTS)

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Business Plan Seminar (Bachelor, 5 ECTS),  10585030

Entrepreneurship (Bachelor, 5 ECTS), 10581100