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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Internships abroad

You would like to do an internship abroad during your studies? The university or faculty cannot arrange internships for you, but they can point out funding and mediation opportunities.

Helpful information can also be found in the DAAD brochure.


In the job and career portal of the Career Center of the University you can find internships abroad for students of Business Management and Economics

In addition, there is an internship exchange on the pages of the International Office as well as helpful information, such as external internship exchanges, funding opportunities or country-specific information.

In addition, there are numerous external providers for internships abroad. You can find an overview here.

Within the framework of ERASMUS+, internships can be funded in one of the 28 member states of the European Union, Macedonia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

An internship can be carried out independently or in combination with an ERASMUS study stay. You can participate in the ERASMUS+ program for up to 12 months per study stage (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).

Students can apply for an ERASMUS internship starting in their first year of study.

Detailed information about funding opportunities is available from the International Office.

With PROMOS, you can receive funding for a stay abroad of up to six months, regardless of whether you are studying or doing an internship. 

Information on PROMOS funding and advice is provided by the International Office.

Internships can be credited as a general key qualification in the Bachelor's degree program in Business Management and Economics within the framework of the key qualifications. Please read the FAQ under "Study Structure, Examination Regulations, Elective and Key Qualification"