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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Business Management and Economics as minor subject

Please note that all deadlines and dates (such as exam registration) may differ from those of your major subject. You can find the examination dates on the page of the examination office.

Structure of the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Business and Economics as a minor subject

Possible combinations of the Bachelor Minor in Business Management and Economics

In principle, each Bachelor's minor subject must be combined with a 120-ECTS-credit major subject. A total of 60 ECTS points must be completed in the Bachelor's minor in Business and Economics, consisting of a compulsory area (divided into business administration and economics) with a total of 50 ECTS points and a compulsory elective area with a total of 10 ECTS points.

Guideline: Courses or examinations amounting to 10 ECTS credits per semester. This corresponds to two module examinations per semester.


Basic and Orientation Examination (GOP)

After the first semester, you must have acquired at least 5 ECTS points from examinations in the compulsory or elective areas, i.e. you must have passed at least one examination.

If you have not achieved this, you must have acquired at least 10 ECTS points from examinations in the compulsory or elective areas after the examination periods of the second semester, i.e. you must have passed at least two examinations.

Enrollment and legal framework

Prerequisites: Admission requirement for the study program is a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur, FOS/BOS 13), no aptitude test.

Admission: the study program is open admission without a minimum grade point average, from ~ July 20th, 2023 you can easily enroll online

Enrollmentenrollment will be handled completely online (possible from mid-July)

Further information: all information about application and enrollment can be found on the website of the student office.


ECTS credits

The 6-semester Bachelor Minor in Economics at the University of Würzburg is divided into individual modules. The modules have a total scope of 60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The ECTS points are regarded as an internationally uniform unit of measurement for the workload associated with the course of study. For the minor subject, 10 ECTS points are planned for each semester of study - one ECTS point is estimated at a workload of 30 hours.

Study and examination regulations

As a rule, the subject-specific regulations (FSB) that were in force when you started your studies apply to you. The subject-specific regulations (SFB), which are included in the appendix, contain all the modules that you can take during your studies.

General Study and Examination Regulations (ASPO)
Subject-specific regulations for the ASPO with the degree BACHELOR (FSB)
Supplementary regulations for the pool of general key qualifications (ASQ pool)

Module descriptions and module handbooks

The module handbook relevant to you is based on the study and examination regulations applicable to you (see FSB and SFB).

Module descriptions and module handbooks


The module examinations in the compulsory subjects of the Faculty of Business Management and Economics take place twice a year for each course. You have the possibility to take the exam at the end of the semester in which you attended the course or at the beginning of the following semester.
The module examinations for elective subjects and key qualifications can usually be taken at the end of each semester.


Semester abroad at the University of Würzburg

Studying abroad is not only a good opportunity to get to know the people, culture and language of another country - it is also very valuable for the academic education as well as for the personal development of the students.

Studying at a foreign university is therefore actively encouraged by the Faculty of Business Management and Economics. For example, students receive support through:

  • an information event at the beginning of each semester
  • a dedicated contact person at the faculty for study abroad: Michaela Briglmeir
  • individual advice in the search for a suitable partner university
  • tips for finding an apartment

Best of all: after prior consultation and review, many courses taken abroad can be recognized within the Bachelor of Business and Economics.

You can find more information about studying abroad on the International page.

Some testimonials from our students about their stay abroad:

You'll find further testimonials from our students about their stay abroad on our Instagram channel. Have a look!

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More Information

Jana Michel
Jana Michel
Bachelor coordinator and subject advisor

Consultation hours: Tuesday, 9-11 a.m.
Building: New University / Room: 291
Phone: 0931 31-89967
Email: bachelor@wiwi.uni-wuerzburg.de


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