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Faculty of Business Management and Economics

Business Mathematics

The bachelor degree course in Business Mathematics is an interdisciplinary course of study offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Faculty of Business Management and Economics.

The bachelor degree in Business Mathematics is characterised by a thorough grounding in mathematics, business and economics, and computer science. The acquisition of analytical skills will help students to resolve the tasks they will probably face in the world of work. The first two semesters are an introductory and orientation phase. The students learn fundamental mathematics and methodological principles from the field of computer science and acquire basic knowledge of the essentials of business management and economics. At the same time they are given broad insight into the central economic questions and gain an understanding of mathematical and theoretical concepts. From the third semester, in addition to the compulsory programme, students can select subjects from a pool of attractive compulsory core electives and key qualification modules. This part of the course is the backbone of the first academic degree.

Aims and Characteristics

  • The degree in Business Mathematics teaches students the most important areas of mathematics, business and economics.
  • Students are taught the characteristic methods of mathematical reasoning and processes.
  • In-depth knowledge is acquired in the particular methodology of applied mathematics and stochastics and students are taught the fundamentals of computer science.
  • The students gain an appreciation of the questions which arise in a free-market economic system.
  • The degree in Business Mathematics has a strong focus on business applications and includes a 6-week internship in a business or regular visits to companies.

You find more information on the homepage of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.