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Chair of Business Administration and Marketing


In order to provide the highest scientific quality, we consistently align our research questions with practical applications. Our aim is to make the latest scientific findings usable for companies. Our areas of expertise primarily include digital marketing, product and innovation management as well as e-commerce and sales management.

Practical questions:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: the world of virtual influencers and artificial intelligence

  • What role do virtual influencers play in the communication of sales and sustainability-oriented content in social media marketing?
  • How are current trends and developments in influencer marketing influencing the digital marketing landscape?
  • What changes are digital marketing strategies experiencing due to the increasing use of artificial intelligence?
Product and innovation management

Product and innovation management: IoT and marketing for start-ups

  • What factors of success and acceptance influence networked products in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT)?
  • How can marketing support the development of start-ups (new ventures) both nationally and internationally?
  • What role does innovation management play in the introduction of new products in the digital age?

E-Commerce & sales management: User-friendliness and sustainability in sales design

  • How can the user-friendly design of website and webshop presences be improved?
  • Which sales designs motivate users to engage in sustainable purchasing behavior in e-commerce?
  • What current developments are shaping the interface between e-commerce and sustainability?

Cooperation with companies:

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