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Current third-party funded projects

Here you will find all information on current third-party funded projects.

Project description

LIKE is an online-based learning platform for interactive and collaborative e-commerce training that offers multifunctional and interactive educational opportunities on e-commerce topics to learners and teachers from different contexts and across different educational levels.

It offers interactive educational opportunities on e-commerce topics (i.e. digital marketing, webshop / website design, data protection and data usage) to learners and teachers from different fields and institutions and at different educational levels. The modules and learning content of LIKE can be integrated into learning management systems (e.g. Moodle) and the acquired learning certificates can be imported into the national education platform.

As part of LIKE2, the LIKE e-commerce learning platform is to be continuously expanded and the specific options for interacting with the national education platform are to be implemented.

Project description

The increasing use of the internet by children and young people means that they are confronted with a wide range of online-based media content - at the same time, they are at great risk of becoming victims of online hate. In online social media, however, children and young people are also increasingly coming into contact with influencers, with whom they often build up a certain, sometimes close, trusting relationship and in whose communities they increasingly exchange information.

Influencers are generally commercially oriented and research has so far focused purely on the commercial side of influencers. However, against the backdrop of the pronounced trust that many children and young people have in influencers, the question arises as to how the influence of influencers can also be used for socially relevant or charitable projects and campaigns, e.g. against hate on the internet.

As part of a Germany-wide campaign with around 200 influencers against hate on the internet, the potential of social media influencers in the context of charitable collaborations, particularly with a focus on hate on the internet, will be investigated.