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Social Commerce (vhb)

The transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 was a milestone for the Internet - from static to interactive, Social Media and strong E-Commerce emerged. These areas merged into Social Commerce. The course covers the origins and basics of Social Media & E-Commerce, defines social commerce, examines its business application, takes a look at future technologies (Web 3.0) and considers sustainability. This gives you a wide range of perspectives for understanding and shaping social commerce.


Course structure:

1. The path to Social Commerce
2. Basics of Social Commerce
3. Social Commerce
4. Social Commerce management - integration into everyday business life
5. Social Commerce in the future - influence of new technologies
6. Social Commerce - acting responsibly

Learning and qualification objectives

  • Understanding the basics of social commerce (also from the areas of marketing & e-commerce)
  • Application of the course content to develop a social commerce strategy
  • Self-competence through independent processing of the course content 
  • Social competence (in particular communication and cooperation) through the joint processing of parts of the portfolio examination

Teaching/learning format: Virtual lecture


You can find further information as well as the course demo and registration options via the link

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