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Crediting of external examination results

Crediting of examinations taken abroad („ECTS Transfer“)

Step 1: Self-check of previous creditings

Check whether your (already completed or still to be completed) examinations have already been credited by the Examination Office for Economics.

You can find an overview of credited examinations below:


Step 2: Submission of documents

The other options depend on the result of step 1.

Option a: Direct submission to the Examination Office

If the achievement has already been credited in the past, separate crediting by us is no longer necessary. In this case, please transfer the corresponding classification (i.e. crediting as an equivalent or placeholder) from the overview list to your application and submit it directly to the Examination Office (Examination Office application form).

Option b: Pre-check for possible crediting by us

If the selected course has not been credited in the past, please have us check in advance for possible crediting. The course must fit thematically into the range of courses we offer, have a minimum scope of 5 ECTS or a comparable workload and be completed with an equivalent certificate of achievement (60-minute written exam, seminar paper, etc.).

We need the following information from you to check for credit transfer:

  • Information about you (name, matriculation number, details of the PO under which you are studying, bachelor or master)
  • Information about the type of credit transfer (i.e. equivalent or placeholder):
    IMPORTANT: Crediting as an equivalent is only possible if the courses are congruent (see our course descriptions).
  • Detailed course description (syllabus and outline, in German or English)
  • Information on the achievement (workload (number of credit points; total number of hours; SWS) bachelor's or master's course), examination form and certificate, in German or English)

Before submitting your request for crediting to us, please check whether the general criteria and the specifics of the degree program are met.

Please send your request by e-mail to Simon Mütze using the document Preliminary check for possible crediting of examination results and, if necessary, further documents (course description etc.).

If crediting is possible, please submit a completed application form from the Examination Office after passing the module.


Crediting of national academic achievements

Examination achievements that were acquired within the German higher education system and are to be credited, for example when changing degree programs or universities, are also subject to the above criteria. Only the verification of previous recognition (see step 1) is not required.


Crediting of internships

A company internship can be credited as part of the key qualifications in the Bachelor of Business Administration and Economics. The prerequisite is an internship in the field of (digital) marketing or sales. The organization of an internship is the responsibility of the student. The number of places is limited.

Please refer to the Bachelor's  page for all other important information on the work to be completed, ECTS points, grading, registration and current scheduling.