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International Summer Module Courses

The University of Würzburg is offering a wide range of virtual summer modules in 2021. Students can choose from a wide range of courses covering important topics from the areas of Business, Marketing, IT and Economics.

All courses (5 ECTS) will be held 100% online and the schedules of the courses differ so that every student can find the course that best suits his or her schedule (e.g. lectures spread out across multiple weeks or one full week of courses).

Moreover, every international student can apply for scholarships covering the FULL tuition of the virtual courses (deadline 20.04.2021). 

The following graphics highlight the most important aspects of the different course types.

We hope that we can meet you soon in one of our virtual summer modules!


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Find the course that suits your schedule and interests

Depending on your preference, you can choose one of 17 specialised courses (deep dive into one specific topic) or one of three theme-oriented courses that combine multiple different topics.

Further information on the specific course types

Compact Summer Modules (19. July - 23. July 2021)

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Specialised Summer Modules (Dates vary per course)

  • Specialised courses: Digital Summer Courses on Special Topics
  • For all module summer courses there are scholarships covering the full tution fee.
  • All courses will be held in live per ZOOM (100% online),
  • All the sessions will be uploaded on our digital learning platform (students can easily download each slot afterwards and watch it later, e.g. due to time shifts).

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On the pages linked below you find detailed information about each Summer Module Course.

Course list:

Contact: Agata Stopinska, M.A.

Academic Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr