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Summer Module Courses

This year we are already fully booked out. Should you be interested in attending a summer module course with us, please apply for our courses in 2022.

Our summer semester 2021 offer:

I) three lecture series by different lecturers on one topic, all taking place July 19-26, 2021;
1."Economic and Managerial Challenges for Europe" aimed at students who study business studies and/or economics.
2. "Digital Opportunities in Europe" aimed at students who study business studies and/or business information systems.
3. "The Pandemic and its Consequences - Insights from Business and Economics" aimed at students who study economics, business studies and/or business information systems.

II) a number of special topic courses taught by one lecturer on a specialized topic, taking place as compact courses at different times throughout the summer semester (between April and September 2021): digital summer courses on special topics.

For all module summer courses there are scholarships covering the tution fee.

You can apply only for ONE summer course, no matter if it is a lecture series or a special topic course.

All courses will be held in live per ZOOM, but the sessions will be uploaded on our digital learning platform, so that the students can easily download each slot afterwards and watch it later, e.g. due to time shifts.

In order to enter our digital learning platfom you have to be enrolled. This process takes some time and will be probably finalized at the end of April. Please note that all courses will be RECORDED and you will be able to (re)view the recordings later. As soon as you are enrolled, the professors will get listst of participants and will contact you with instruction how to get into the digital course learning platfom.

On the following pages you find detailed information about each Summer Module Course.

Contact: Agata Stopinska, M.A.

Academic Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr